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Best Animated 3D Models Marketplaces for Professionals

One of the concepts that rule the Internet and any form of marketing and entertainment is that “content is king.” We know that people are attracted to high-quality media. When the information a website, movie, game, or document provides value by solving problems, people become loyal to the brand that offered them the positive outcome. If you think back to your favorite TV shows and movies, you can keep re-watching them because of the content quality it offers. The same principles apply to animated 3D models.

Although written text, photography, and video production are essential for optimization benefits, you cannot ignore the benefits of 3D animation.

What Are the Best Animated 3D Models Marketplaces for Professionals?

When you’re ready to download some of the best animated 3D models for professionals, the best files are found at the following marketplaces.

1. TurboSquid

TurboSquid helps developers save time when they need professional 3D models. The average customer saves an average of 27 hours for each model purchased, which can really help when you’re facing a tight deadline.

At the same time, TurboSquid works to focus the creativity of global artists so that the vast library of models can keep evolving. Shutterstock acquired the brand in 2021 to help all creative professionals find access to the 3D products they need to create results.

List of the Pros of Using TurboSquid

  • You receive a best price guarantee on this website, which means you won’t find the exact model at a different place selling for less.

  • A simplified return process lets you get store credit or an immediate refund if you purchase a 3D model that doesn’t work for you.

  • TurboSquid offers 24/7 support because the global community of creators doesn’t rest. Chat and support tickets are both available.

  • Users receive up to $1 million in indemnification if there’s a problem with the purchase.

List of the Cons of Using TurboSquid

  • Although most of the content is priced competitively, some of the assets cost more than they should.

  • The website takes a 40% commission from a non-exclusive artist’s work, which means you tend to find similar ideas in each category.

  • Some of the free models are re-uploads, which means your licensing needs might not be appropriately covered.

  • The primary complaint that people have involves the quality of the customer service interactions.

TurboSquid looks to keep growing with its recent acquisition by Shutterstock. Although some of the products don’t have wireframes, you can still find some excellent 3D models for your work. This marketplace works hard to deliver some fantastic results!

2. Sketchfab

With Sketchfab, you’ll find several unique features that make it one of the best animated 3D models marketplaces you can find today. Not only will you find plenty of high-quality creators monetizing their work on this platform, but it also supports more than 90 sharing integrations immediately.

If you’re familiar with how Getty® Images works, Sketchfab will feel comfortable immediately. It takes all of the guesswork out of finding and purchasing the digital files you need for your work.

List of the Pros of Using Sketchfab

  • The marketplace uses a Model Inspector feature that offers a browser-based 3D player. You can view every aspect of the model in real-time to see if it meets your needs.

  • Sketchfab provides immediate virtual and augmented reality once you’ve downloaded your preferred file.

  • The software is easy to use, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of 3D visualization immediately.

  • Its platform makes it simple to upload, edit, and share models online.

List of the Cons of Using Sketchfab

  • Unless you only need one upload per month to stay with a free account, pricing starts at $79 per month for businesses or $7 for individuals.

  • Some of the download files struggled to capture the model’s texturing, requiring a few extra revisions and a lot of patience to reach the desired result.

  • The MP4/JPG generator and color configurator are separated from the primary Sketchfab website.

With Sketchfab, you can share and embed your favorite 3D models anywhere online. It’s interactive, configurable, and works with all devices, browsers, and operating systems. You get to inspect every texture and mesh before finalizing your purchase.

3. CGTrader

When you visit CGTrader, you’ll have access to one of the Internet’s most extensive creative resources for computer-generated graphics. There is also support for virtual and augmented reality, gaming, and other 3D model assets.

You’ll find a wide range of resources available to use, ranging from low-poly 3D models to high-quality downloads. Virtually every subject is covered, with categories ranging from textures to architecture. It’s a comprehensive resource that every creative should have on their radar.

List of the Pros of Using CGTrader

  • The marketplace has the capability of turning any product SKUs into a photo-realistic model for e-commerce purposes.

  • You can delegate the augmented reality implementation for your website or business to CGTrader to make life easier.

  • Over 1.1 million 3D models are available to review for various applications, including animation, advertising, and printing.

  • Several tutorials are available on the platform to help people start learning new skills.

List of the Cons of Using CGTrader

  • There can be issues uploading and downloading files for some consumers on this platform.

  • Issues with the login process can cause the dashboard to go into a constant loading mode for some accounts.

  • For sellers, account reversals can happen several months after a transaction, causing account balances to turn negative.

  • You may find fewer categories in this marketplace compared to some others.

When your preference is to have a straightforward transaction for your 3D models, animation, and more, you’ll want to consider CGTrader. It’s one of the most accessible platforms to use today.

4. 3DOcean

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