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Are You Ready to Earn $150 Commissions?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

One of the best ways to earn a side income right now is through affiliate marketing.

When you operate as an affiliate marketer, the work you do promotes others’ products. If someone you refer purchases a product or service, you earn a commission on that sale.How do you get these referrals? Affiliate marketers create websites that focus on the products or services they choose to represent. When a visitor clicks a link on that site to complete the buying process, the referral logs in the transaction.

Most affiliate marketing plans pay a flat percentage or price for each transaction.

Although earning 4% on transactions of $20 or less can add up over time, there’s a better way to make money. The Fiverr Affiliate Program can help you to earn $150 commissions per service!

Isn’t Fiverr a Gig-Based Website?

Freelancers, businesses, and solopreneurs have used Fiverr for over a decade to build a side hustle. The most successful sellers have transitioned to full-time work, taken the next step in their career, or generated the income needed to make ends meet during difficult times.

The Fiverr Affiliate Program lets you earn money by promoting the platform’s services, called “gigs,” on your website. You place links on the various pages and posts you publish, creating cookies that track what customers buy after clicking on your site.

When you earn a commission, the funds transfer to your bank account automatically. If your content is exceptional, the visitors that come to your website can generate other revenue streams to help build passive income opportunities.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, you can promote four specific service areas.

Traditional Fiverr Fiverr Pro Learn from Fiverr AND. CO

Each service area has specific pros and cons to consider.

The traditional Fiverr experience offers low-cost gigs from global freelancers. It is what you see when visiting their website through your browser.

Fiverr Pro is a vetted service provided by the platform that promotes high-quality professional gigs. These freelancers offer similar services, but at higher prices.

Some freelancers use Fiverr as a training platform to expand their services or progress in their careers. Learn from Fiverr offers multiple courses to encourage professional development, whether you are a buyer, seller, or affiliate marketer.

AND. CO provides workflow assistance for small businesses and entrepreneurs. This service sends out involves and manages finances.

It is up to you to decide what you should promote. As an affiliate marketer, it is better to stick with your strength when creating content for your visitors. Pick the service areas that you believe can be represented well, and then encourage people to purchase the gigs they need.

Benefits of the Fiverr Affiliate Program

1. You can earn highly competitive rates. The standard commission payout for sales on Fiverr from your referrals is some of the best in the industry. You can earn between $15 to $50 per transaction based on the service and amount purchased.

Different services generate unique payout structures. Here are a few examples to consider at each level.

$15 Commissions: Any Unlisted Category

$25 Commissions: Graphic Illustration, Product Descriptions, and Translation Services

$30 Commissions: Programming, Proofreading, 3D modeling, and Video Ads

$40 Commissions: WordPress, Web Development, and CMS Website Building

$50 Commissions: Game Development, Whiteboard Presentations, and eBook Development

2. You can earn a generous income.You aren’t income-capped with Fiverr’s affiliate program. Although the commission plans support first-time buyers only, several structures exist to help you boost earnings.

The RevShare solution (the Fiverr Hybrid route) has more risk, but it provides more significant rewards. If you choose this option, you’ll earn a share of the sales over 12 months that this new customer generates.

If your referral makes a $200 purchase, you will earn $30 with the RevShare program. It gives you 10% in commission, plus a $10 payout. Should that customer make one $200 sale per month for the next year, the $2,400 you create would generate $120 in payouts and $240 in commissions.

That’s $360 you’ve earned from one customer!

Imagine what you could generate with only ten customers per month buying services on Fiverr through your links. The income opportunities are massive.

3. You have multiple earning opportunities.

Fiverr lets you earn commissions from AND. CO and Learn.Fiverr to create a diverse portfolio as an affiliate marketer.

When buyers purchase services from AND. CO, you earn 50% from the professional plan ordered. That’s the same commission received when someone tackles a training course from Learn.Fiverr.

The Fiverr Affiliate Program also offers a sub-affiliate network that lets you earn 10% from each sale your recruits earn.

If your sub-affiliate earns $20 from a sale, you will get $2 included with your income.

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, Fiverr doesn’t take your commission away from the sub-affiliate. They pay that amount out of what they earn from the sale.

That means you and your recruits are always made whole. That’s what makes this affiliate marketing structure such an exciting opportunity.

4. All Fiverr Pro sales earn a massive commission. Fiverr Pro offers a different CPA experience because each order is of higher quality, creating more revenue for the freelancer, platform, and you.

All Fiverr Pro services offer a $150 commission. That means you can avoid the dynamic CPA structure with the standard plan, but you also lose the Hybrid benefits of revenue sharing.

Since you can refer as many people as you want with your various social media and website links, every visitor becomes a potential commission-earning opportunity.

5. You get to keep the cookies you’ve earned. Fiverr allows you to maintain the cookies you’ve earned from clicks for up to 30 days. Although potential buyers could clear this information by making setting or history adjustments on their device or computer, this advantage ensures that no one else can take away a potential sale after working hard to get it.

You also receive a dashboard as a Fiverr affiliate marketer that keeps track of each marketing campaign. It lets you see how much traffic comes from your site, allowing you to understand what methods are working and how they could benefit from some improvement.

6. You can contact customer service for help at any time. Fiverr provides its affiliate marketers with several tools to launch your first campaign from your social media platform or website in minutes after signing up.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this process, you can contact Fiverr’s customer service department. You can also request professional help, access numerous tutorials, or work with you’re a personal manager that guides you through the troubleshooting process.

7. You can promote your Fiverr referral links. Fiverr provides affiliate marketers with several marketing tools that help to promote the services and overall platform.

You can find this benefit under the “Marketing Tools” tab. Each filter helps you to determine the service, language, and image size getting promoted.

It helps to use social media markers that show you’re using an affiliate link to create potential referrals.

Disadvantages to Work Around with the Fiverr Affiliate Program

The Fiverr Affiliate Program is an exciting way to earn money. If you know how to manage its potential disadvantages, it is possible to maximize your income-earning potential.

You’ll find that service quality is your most significant obstacle.