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Why Should You Create an Animated Video?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

3D animation and computer animation have increased in popularity across the creatives industry. The use of animated video is now one of the biggest trends in the digital space. An animated video is an effective means for communication, both visually and verbally. It is a tool for expression and creativity, and over the years, it has led to significant advancements in the art of storytelling.

Computer animation has become a favourite technique of businesses as well because it's an excellent marketing tool steadily growing in popularity. From startups to small and multinational companies alike, animation strengthens advertising. Except for ads, many companies use animation for explainer videos, loading pages, transitions and more, to show off their brand personality and to promote their products, services or tell a story about their customers.

Join us in taking a look at some of the advantages of having animations and animated videos/ characters. But before we dive in, let's establish the very basics of creating an animated video.

How Do You Design an Awesome Animated Music Videos?

Whether you choose to seek professional support in developing your video or decide to do it yourself, creating a good animation video can sound like a very daunting task which needs a lot of discipline. While a professional animated studio might not be your cheapest option, they will ensure a good-quality representation of your story idea.

Until recently, creating computer animations required a great skillset and it was extremely labour intensive. Advances in technology quickly made animation very realistic and easier to manage. Nowadays, many tools can be easily accessed by anyone. Tutorials for any level of expertise, from beginner to expert, and how-to websites online are very effective alternatives to traditional schools and will help you sharpen your motion skills. If you're thinking of creating your own, it's a good idea to start planning what you need to get started.

What Programs Should You Use?

There is a broad spectrum of programs available for 3D animation and computer animation.

You can make use of coding programs such as JavaScript and CSS to create responsive animations. Animators tend to use software like IClone 7, and Character Creation 3. With IClone 7 you can make outstanding 3D animations, in a fast and easy manner. It's user friendly, very professional and will make producing an animated video a definitely doable task. Adobe After Effect for editing is another popular example that will make it easy for you to create titles, intros, transitions, effects etc. These types of programs can create a fun music video like this.

How to Add Humour?

Who doesn't love humour? Although not all videos can have humour, don't be afraid to add an element of humour if it's appropriate. Don't force it if it doesn't make sense, but it may be more beneficial than you might realize. Every single person loves to laugh, don't forget that.

Videos, like this, are great examples of adding a little bit of humour and animation to a regular music video. You can't go wrong with adding something entertaining and different.

How to Add Popular Themes and Concepts?

Apart from how the video will look, adding popular references in your video can be a good idea. Try to think of what's popular in the mainstream today and add it to your video. Doing so will propel your video's overall likability since people enjoy pop culture.

Billie Eilish's song, You Should See Me In A Crown, is an excellent example of how an animated video can add modern themes and concepts. The song became a smash hit, and part of it has to do with its incredible music video.

Why Does Quality Matter?

It's in your best interest to put money toward a great outcome, rather than less money for a mediocre result. Come up with a budget and stick with it. Never try to go the dirt-cheap route; otherwise, you'll be left with a product that isn't worth having. Compare your video to other videos and look at their quality in comparison. If you feel that yours is up to standards, then you made the right decision. Always put quality first.

How Can Professional Animator Help You?

If you don't want to do all the work alone but want to head in the right direction, you can buy animated video templates online which you can use as a starting point for your next video creation. My website offers three types of products: Intro Makers, Stock Video Footage and 3D animations. With Intro Maker, you can find the perfect Intro for your video with custom text that will help you deliver your marketing message. Our ready-made footage pack offers stock video footage for any occasion, with 24 pre-designed templates per package. Lastly, you can explore our collection of 3D animations and find the right character for your story.

Why Create an Animated Video?

Apart from the overall compelling appeal, an animated music video is out of the ordinary that'll attract viewers. There's a reason animation continues to rise in popularity, and it's all for the right reasons. Let's take a closer look.

Unlimited Creative Possibilities

The most exciting part of creating animation is its limitlessness. Unlike physical videos, there aren't any material or human limitations when it comes to animation. Animated video is powerful because it encourages us to release compelling stories and communicate thoughts in such a way that doesn't restrict our imagination.

It gives the creator the possibility to open their mind to endless possibilities and bring any concept to life in a 2D or 3D environment, while at the same time connecting and appealing to different people globally. You can create your simulated reality and present your audience, both young children and adults, a magical experience, unlike anything they've ever seen before.

Eye-catching and Visually Captivating

Animation is a fun way to tell a story and a great way to attract viewers. When something appears a bit different than we're used to seeing, it immediately draws us in. Animated videos also allow artists to invoke awe of not believing your eyes with simple yet effective 3D visuals and engaging characters. This is very important because people's attention span decreases over time.

There are many examples of visually striking animated movies: take The Prince of Egypt, or Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Easy to Update

Unlike the challenges presented with other forms of media where you would have to update all your old content, animated videos allow much more flexibility. You can go back to refine and edit animations easily: change the text, colours, speed, body gestures, etc.

For live-action, however, you would have to take several things into account to reshoot certain scenes, replace actors which can be costly and lengthy.

Save Money and Time

The use of new, sophisticated technology has made it easier than ever to create a high-quality animated video at a relatively small budget. Cloud-based animated video creation platforms like Vyond will only require a monthly subscription.

In comparison, the production of a live-action video can cost thousands of dollars. To create an animated video, you won't have to worry about expensive locations, equipment, actors, wardrobe, set or props, and you can also produce it conveniently from a single location. You are saving you money, time, and energy.

Provoke Emotions

All animation works have the power to induce strong emotions to their audience, whether that's the thrill, adventure, sorrow, or happiness. And the best part about animation is its ability to create entertaining and comedic situations.

Many times, when we think about animation, it is likely to conjure up images of cartoons which we have associated with humour, happiness and fun such as popular sitcoms like Family Guy, or classics like Looney Tunes and Bugs Bunny. These animated characters have made it hard to imagine a childhood without them. Animated videos and characters like these can serve to relax and engage your audience and provide them with a sense of instant relief and gratitude.

This has been applied well into the animated video space. Take for example this music video animation of a shuffle dance to the song "In My Mind" by Dynoro & Gigi D'Agostino or the Adobe After Effects mix of the song "Great Spirit" by Armin van Buuren.

Usability Improvement

In many cases, animations are created as a means to improve a website's usability. It teaches your audience how to use your site quickly, effectively and visually. An animated character will grab the attention of your viewers, give an identity to your business and make you stand out from the competition. Having animations will interest and intrigue your visitors, keep them longer on your site, and encourage them to come back later.

Furthermore, there's been an increase in the use of animated videos to explain abstract products or services. For many businesses, like tech companies, that face the challenge of explaining their work to their customers, animation can serve as a means to simplify these complex topics. For example, have a look at the explainer video MuleSoft created to help its customers understand what an API is.

All the above reasons no one can deny the power of animated videos. It's a tool that will allow you to go above and beyond the confines of a standard video that just includes the human element. It's everywhere around us, and if you are looking to fuel your business growth, you should consider adding it as part of your strategy.

In conclusion, it's obvious how beneficial animation can be for a great music video. However, when deciding which form of content to use, it all comes down to your needs and budget. Don't be afraid to hire a professional when it comes to 3D animation and computer animation. Professionals provide you with the know-how and allow you to collaborate to create something original that'll go above and beyond your standards.

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