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A hero is hidden in all of us, so send your message with Captain America’s iconic shield!

If you tell your friends to “Take care” they might think Aww sweet! and then forget… but let this theme speak for you and they will put a hand over the heart saying: Sure, Cap!

In the same way, picture the effect of sending a “You’re welcome” reply with this video. Your friends will be reading it with the Cap’s own voice, feeling warm and accomplished inside – imagining to be praised by a true American hero.

And if you told someone to “Save the date”, wouldn’t it be much more epic and memorable if you sent the memo on the rotating shield of a kick-ass superhero?


And the epic is only a few clicks away…

Captain America Footage

  • One pack consisting of 24 individual files of Captain America Footage

    Resolution: 1920x1080p

    Duration: 0:07sec (for one file)

    Frame rate: 30 FPS

    Format: MP4

    Zip file size: 417 MB

    The final pack: You will receive links to download this products after Checkout (emailed link will last for 30 days). The file is packed with ZIP file, you will need unpack using WinZip or can be access free version (7-zip). Here is 7-zip:

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