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Starting with a dreamy digital melody, the camera blinks around the screen showing every perfect angle and detail of your fancy emboss. Then the eye moves back, as the music and the video begin to dissolve, and your golden logo is the only thing left in the dark background. Beautiful and important.

The final effect is a sense of charm and exclusiveness that will pervade your audience.

This is ideal for…

  • A luxury brand that wants to stand out from the crowd and be perceived as exclusive and stunning.

  • A YouTube channel dealing with fashion, make-up vlogs or lifestyle tips – because a classy intro really shows your good taste.

  • A brand perceived as charming and stylish, that deserves to be mentioned in gold.

Golden Emboss Intro

  • Final Product includes:
    1) HD Quality (1920x1080), 30 seconds running time.
    2) Sound
    3) MP4 Video File (mp4)

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