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Your audience will see your logo obscuring the Sun – just like they saw the Universal Pictures before hundreds of epic movies – and they’ll know that You are important stuff.

Slowly and solemnly, we see the Earth spinning from below while an invisible orchestra follows this movement with a soaring music. Finally, the planet glides at the center of the screen – dominating the cosmic space – and your logo sits right there, memorably printed on the sky.

The overall feel is that of a top brand, so established that it’s already tradition and can rise on top of all the others.

This is ideal for…

  • A YouTube channel dealing with movies (reviews, analyses, or interviews), as a playful homage to one of the most iconic film studios of all times.

  • A bold brand that wants to place itself on top of the industry. Because there is no one who flies higher…

  • A logo that aspires to become a classic and compares itself to another modern classic: Universal Pictures.

Universal Pictures Intro

  • Final Product includes:
    1) HD Quality (1920x1080), 22 seconds running time.
    2) Sound
    3) MP4 Video File (mp4)

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