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Blazing embers fly across the screen, while the camera swirls about the corners of your logo – teasing us and creating expectation. A crescent music suggests that something epic is about to happen, perhaps a meeting with your Destiny? At last, when all the motion is finally complete, the music stops and the audience is left with just your logo glowing at the center of the screen.

KA-BOOM! It turns out that your brand is Destiny after all.

Select this flamboyant power-infused intro, if you want to make an exceptional appearance and mesmerize your viewers.

This is ideal for…

  • A YouTube channel with a strong character, sparkling topics and tough followers.

  • A dazzling logo, that deserves a vibrant and exceptional appearance.

  • A brand bursting with charisma and confidence.

Flaming Emboss Intro

  • Final Product includes:
    1) HD QUALITY (1920x1080), 20 seconds running time.
    2) Sound 
    3) MP4 Video File (mp4)

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