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A heavy metal soundtrack pours into the scene with a fast tempo, while the glowing hammer (of Thor?) crushes against the black background with a powerful blow. The stone cracks and reveals your logo burning with fire – as epic as EPIC can be!

This intro is quick, powerful, memorable; it will create an emotional connection between the audience and your logo. Your brand can hardly get hotter than this without melting.

Ideal for…

  • Hardcore YouTube channels, with themes such as: video games, metal music, sport cars, self-defense, … – where followers are an affectionate wild bunch.

  • Brands that want to have a strong impact quickly – and remain impressed in the memory of their customers.

  • Beautiful red logos, which make their best impression written with fire.


Power Hammer Intro

  • Final Product includes:
    1) HD Quality (1920x1080), 11 seconds running time.
    2) Sound
    3) MP4 Video File (mp4)

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    YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

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