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Warriors are the ideal computer animation to convey your brand’s message with dynamism and energy.Whether you are a top player in your industry, teach martial arts, or simply want to use a powerful metaphor, warriors computer animations symbolize determination and mastery, boosting the confidence your audience will have in your brand.

And to engage and amuse your audience, what a better way than our 3D animation dancing with the funky moves of “Kung Fu Fighting”?

Warrior 3D Animation

  • One pack consisting of 2 individual files of Warrior 3D animation. 1) Warrior 3D animation in black background, 2)Warrior 3D animation alpha channel (siluett, black and white)

    Resolution: 1920x1080p

    Duration: 0:17sec (for one file)

    Frame rate: 30 FPS

    Format: MOV

    Zip file size: 30 MB

    Sound: NO, the dance moves are from "Carl Douglas" Kung Fu Fighting

    The final pack: You will receive links to download this products after Checkout (emailed link will last for 30 days). The file is packed with ZIP file, you will need unpack using WinZip or can be access free version (7-zip). Here is 7-zip:

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